Fight against pipe failure with nano-graphene additive

According to the New Atlas, graphene will soon be used to fight bacteria that eat metal pipes and cause them to puncture.
Given that the decay of water pipes causes the loss of millions of liters of this vital fluid in different countries of the world, graphene can be used to overcome this fundamental challenge.
Some bacteria in the soil, known as sulfate-reducing bacteria, cause corrosion by adhering to the outer surface of water pipes and other water supply equipment.
The important point is that even if the water pipes are cleaned, these bacteria can start the corrosion process of the pipes again in just ten days.
So far, some types of polymers have been used to stop these bacteria, but this method has not been very effective.
That's why US researchers have developed a graphene coating that is only one nanometer thick, and by sticking it around pipes, they can be well protected against any kind of corrosion.
Graphene can kill bacteria due to its antimicrobial properties. The high durability of graphene makes this protective coating last for many years.

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