• Manufacture of high-performance pristine or composite graphene based products at competitive prices
• Enhance the features of our customers’ products
• Manufacture of graphene and its related additives at industrial scale
• Continue to develop new graphene technologies and solutions based on our professional R&D experts
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Produce high quality nano addetives with competitive price for zinc rich paints as a substitute of zinc powder

Produce cost -effective nano additives for enhancing concrete durability by reducing water adsorption

Facile delivery and continual consulting through repeatable and automated manufacturing.

The ability to produce specific grade of nano graphene with respect to your order at industrial scale


• Secure supply of highest-grade raw material and proprietary thermal-chemical manufacturing process
• All our graphene based additives disperse readily and are user-friendly to apply
• High-capacity, scalable production plant
• Partnerships with leading research institutes and Industrialization centers


Distinguished graphene based nano additives quality and consistency at an industrial scale with a competitive price
graphene nano based products enables our customers to differentiate their business and highlights their products in market penetration easily
The only mass production provider delivering applicable and high-quality graphene addetives
Helping customers to develop graphene enhanced products

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Application of graphene in construction

The use of graphene admixtures can increase strength, reduce materials usage (reducing carbon footprint) and potentially increase longevity of masonry and concrete products. The technology has the potential to deliver stronger, lighter concrete structures enabling a new generation of concrete designs.

Application of graphene in corrosion resistant coatings
Besides several other unique properties, graphene possesses remarkable chemical inertness. Graphene coatings either a single or a few atomic layers thick on metals has been shown to improve their corrosion resistance by up to one-and-half orders of magnitude

Application of graphene in textiles
Graphene is widely used in textiles. The use of graphene can form durable yet flexible fabrics. The production of flame retardant fabrics, antimicrobial fabrics and bulletproof fabrics are other benefits of using graphene in the textile industry.

Application of graphene in electronic devices

The use of graphene in technology can create a huge revolution in this field. Research shows that the use of graphene in the manufacture of electronic equipment, in addition to reducing costs, causes high flexibility and greater conductivity.

Application of graphene in energy storage
Graphene can be used in supercapacitors and increase energy storage many times over. Graphene batteries store more energy and carry more electrical charge.

Application of graphene in agriculture and food
Graphene can purify the water needed for agriculture. Graphene is placed as an element in the water filter system and purifies water by an action such as desalination. Graphene regulates the amount of pesticides and insecticides and enhances seed germination.

Application of graphene in medicine
Due to the biocompatibility of graphene, it is fully compatible with the body and can replace damaged nerve cells; Graphene, in combination with chemicals, acts especially as an anti-cancer agent and is used in implants and artificial organs due to its high resistance and antibacterial properties.